You’re Next

Be afraid, be very afraid…

‘You’re Next’ comes from Adam Wingard, in his breakout US horror. The Director, who created one segment in both ‘VHS‘ and ‘VHS2′ provides us with a very creepy trailer indeed!

Perfect day‘ begins to play out, as we watch a normal, nice American family despand into chaos and bloody murder when one of them makes the classic mistake of looking out the window, to see what the noise was and takes an arrow straight in the head!

‘But in one moment, everything will change’

Too right it will. The family freak out, barricading the doors and windows, trying to keep the freaky axe-bearers from breaking into the house! The animal faces they wear are similar to that of ‘The Strangers‘ and we like it!

Classic jump scenes, eary still standing and tilting of the heads… one for a bleak Autumn night.

Check out the trailer below for this 30th August 2013, UK release date

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