Quick fire round! 5 upcoming films

Another instalment of must see trailers, coming to a cinema near you. You’re welcome.


A Hollywood remake of a uniquely brilliant South Korean film, that was such a huge hit, heavyweight Josh Brolin agreed to play the role of Joe Doucette. After being kidnapped and imprisoned for 20 years, he is randomly released. Why? What does his captors have in store for him and his new found freedom? Gripping thriller, also starring Samuel L. Jackson and directed by Spike Lee.
UK release date 6th December 2013


From the same team that brought us the comedy hit of 2013, ‘This is the End‘, comes another modern day comedy. Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne. A married couple, with a new born baby are in for the shock of their lives, as their quiet suburban neighbourhood is taken over by horny, crazed teens. We feel that this movie will do for Zac Effron, exactly what ‘21 Jump Street‘ did for Channing Tatum. Guys will now alos love this dude and he will now be taken seriously for top roles ahead.
UK release date 7th March 2014

True Detective (TV)

So this is a little unconventional for us but this is simply not to be missed. A TV special starring the dream team of Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson, produced by the US channel HBO. This is the next big thing in TV – trust us, you heard it here first! 8 episodes and a story about two detectives, chasing a serial killer, over a period of 17 years.
Release date January 2014

The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman

Imagine catching a plane. You doze off and wake to find the man next to you sleeping on your shoulder. Drooling no doubt. That would suck right? Well, what if in fact, he was actually dead and died right on your lap!? That’s exactly where this story begins, for Shia LaBeouf‘s character, Charlie Countryman. He then meets and subsequently falls in love with the dead man’s daughter. Unfortunately for him, she is “claimed” by a very bad man indeed, played by the great Mads Mikkelsen. Harry Potter’s Rupert Grint stars.
UK release date 8th November 2013

Kill Your Darlings

Posh boys gone wild! Dane DeHaan and Daniel Radcliffe star alongside Ben Foster (who’s year is certainly 2014) and Elizabeth Olsen (the younger, hotter, sane Olsen sister) in this dramatic, brave debut from John Krokidas. The story revolves around a group of post-World War 2 writers, known as the ‘Beat Generation’. Sex, drugs and murder surround this rock and roll quorum.
UK release date 6th December 2013

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