Tom Hardy to play Elton John


Tom Hardy has been announced to play Elton John, in the star’s biopic, ‘Rocketman’. Shooting is set for late 2014 and Elton is very much involved in the process, as […]

Exclusive: Christian Grey actor announced… again


Jamie Dornan will play Christian Grey in ‘Fifty Shades of Grey‘. He is a Northern Irish former model, turned actor and has been in the US show ‘Once Upon a […]

Anchorman 2 New Trailer!


Giving us all another reason to be excited for Christmas this year is the brand new Anchorman 2 trailer! Due for release in the UK on 20th December is the […]

Stephen Lang returns for Avatar 2


So we broke the rumour to you about the possible Arnie / Cameron reunion for ‘Avatar 2′ but that now looks to have taken a most probable knife in the […]

Limitless Indeed…


This could become very dangerous indeed. There is a direct threat out there, to great movies we love and behold. That threat is in the shape of TV. Whilst TV […]

Gravity Smashes Box Office


‘Gravity’ launched this weekend and broke records not only here on Earth but probably the Universe too! As we have not yet confirmed life elsewhere, we can only talk about […]

Willem Dafoe for Finding Dory


Willem Dafoe confirmed he is reprising his role as ‘Gill‘ for the estimated 2015 release of ‘Finding Dory’. It is a staggering 10 years since one of the most successful […]

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug – watch the new trailer

The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug

Well, we’re still many months away from the second part of Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit trilogy but that will come along very quickly indeed! The latest trailer for Biblo’s outing […]

Space movies to Love


With the imminent release of ‘Gravity’, we though it would be a good idea to warm you people up with some of the best Space movies, surely not to be […]