Lance Armstrong biopics

Never have we seen an influx of movies given the green light, at the same time, all based on the same man’s fall from grace.

Three biopics have now been confirmed to showcase the life of Cycling legend Lance Armstrong… we can see why…

The multiple Tour de France winner has had the most spectacular of lives, so of course someone was going to write a movie about him – but three? All at the same time? How is that going to work and how are they going to differentiate from each other and be a success? Clearly, it is very literally, a race to the finish line… first one out, should win.

JJ Abrams is looking for his Lance Armstrong, after being heavily linked with Bradley Cooper but for Cooper to only deny the reports and label the rumours as “Nuts”. This movie will be based on New York Times’ Juliet Macur’s book ‘Cycle Of Lies: The Fall Of Lance Armstrong‘.

Stephen Frears is directing the brilliant Ben Foster in another picture and our money is on this one being the hit. Ben Foster not only physically resembles Armstrong but is such a raw unpolished talent that we really fancy the look of this already. Add Frears, the creator of the Academy Award winning ‘The Queen‘ and we should be in for a true masterpiece.

The third is a Warner Bros. picture that doesn’t look to have anything concrete in place as far as casting, so they could easily drop out of this three way tug of war.

Sporting greatness, cancer battle, sporting shame – any Armstrong piece is going to be a great ride but who will be boasting the metaphorical yellow jersey after the tape is split? Will Armstrong be able to prevent his ego from going to one premiere, let alone all three? We doubt it – he’ll probably cycle from one to the next with a big fat grin on his face…

Who do you think should play the shamed cyclist? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

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  1. Frankie B says:

    Oh for sure Ben Foster, not confident Bradley Cooper would be able to pull it off? Not really his thing and we all know what Lance Armstrong looks like so the physical aspect is important in this case, where as it may not be if it was in 10 – 20 years time. Foster is a solid choice no doubt

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