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Ben Affleck is Batman!

Well that was quick! The World did not have to wait too long to find out who would be the next Batman and what a Batman he is. Man of […]


Kick-Ass 2 – review

Imagine waking up on Christmas morning… it’s 7am, the kids are up and bouncing off the walls. It is perfectly white outside and a hot pot of coffee is inviting […]


The Conjuring – review

How on Earth did ‘The Conjuring’, using every old trick in the book, manage to make something so genuinely terrifying, without a trace of authenticity? From creepy dolls, to dark […]


Monsters University – review

Hmmm. Good story, good to see how the Monsters Inc. corporation came to be and  how Monsters begin their journey’s onto becoming ‘Scarers’. Just lacks that little something, that spot […]


Only God Forgives – review

Ok. This is a difficult one. Much like the film itself, I’m going to pause, use plenty moments of silence as a tool to ignite inward thinking and… I think […]


Top 10 Comedies of the 21st Century

It is widely received and agreed that ‘Anchorman‘ is the greatest comedy of all time so with the imminent release of ‘Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues’, we thought now would […]


10 Years – Review

Here at EFO, we won’t just bring you the latest movie reviews and news, we’ll also tell you about movies from the past, that we have recently discovered and enjoyed. […]


The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Visually stunning, imaginative, architecturally complex with a solid cast. Putting that all aside, the first Hunger Games was utterly boring. It was as dull as the outfits worn by District […]


10 Best Films of 2012

Argo The shocker of the year, without a shadow of a doubt was Argo. Compelling from start to beginning, this 1980 US rescue mission beat everyone to all the top awards […]